maandag 7 september 2020

Makossa Nostalgie Podcast

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vrijdag 31 juli 2020

Djene Djento

Born in 1963, Djene Djento started his career in the late Seventies as singer in Salle John’s band ‘Les Johnco.’ In the early Eighties he joined the band ‘N’Kumbe’, together with Manulo, Ngoloko Zachée and Patrick Djeky. In 1983 it was also Manulo who signed for the musical direction of Djene Djento’s first solo album Debroussailler. The album became a huge hit in Cameroon, was ‘record of the year' in 1985 and brought Djene Djento a golden record. Several hit albums followed during the Eighties, but after the LP ‘Pompé’, released in 1990 a period of silence followed. In 1999 he was back in the charts with the CD ‘8e Commandement’ released on the JPS label. In 2018 he announced the release of a new album ‘Vivre Ensemble’.

Today, Djene Djento is no longer making the news with his musical achievements, but by criticizing fellow artists who believe that after more than 40 years it becomes time that President Paul Biya makes way for another.


vrijdag 13 december 2019

Sam Batcho

Samuel Tchomagni, also known as Sam Batcho, started his musical career in the 70s as a drummer for 'Les Jokers', Jean Paul Mondo's band. With this group he also recorded his first 45 rpm single, 'Makom Ma Bobe' / 'O Si Dia Mba'.

After Sam Fan Thomas had scored an enourmous hit with 'African typic collection', Sam Batcho toured all over the world as drummer in Sam Fan Thomas's band. They popularized the makassi rhythm and in 1986 Sam Fan Thomas and Jean Paul Mondo accompanied Batcho on his first solo album under the name Groupe Tamis d'Or. This album was followed in 1988 by the album ‘More Makassi’. In the 90s he released two more CDs, 'Ndol'asu' in 1995 and 'Makassi Dance' in 1997.

zaterdag 7 december 2019

Aimé Parfait

Aimé Parfait, talented new generation Makossa singer/composer. In 2013 he scored a huge hit with the song ‘Aimé Nya Maria. His most recent album ‘My Number One’ came out in 2019.

♫ Clip 2019: Aimé Parfait – My Number One
♫ Clip 2013: Aimé Parfait – Aimé Nya Maria
♫ Clip 2015: Aimé Parfait – Je Suis Fou D’Elle


zondag 1 december 2019

Andre Marie Tala

See my other blog AfricOriginal  for a biography and an extended discography of Andre Marie Tala.

zaterdag 30 november 2019

Biram King

Biram King, a Makossa Singer who broke through in 1981 with the hit song 'Go fo bifo fo back', partly sung in pidgin English. After 3 albums in 1980,81 and 82 his fans had to wait until 1988 for a new album. With the song 'O si dia mba' he scored another hit that year. In 1996 the album 'Cocktail Explosif' followed, including a new version of his earlier hit 'Go fo bifo fo back. His last album, known to me 'Eruption du Volcan', dates from 2001.