vrijdag 13 december 2019

Sam Batcho

Samuel Tchomagni, also known as Sam Batcho, started his musical career in the 70s as a drummer for 'Les Jokers', Jean Paul Mondo's band. With this group he also recorded his first 45 rpm single, 'Makom Ma Bobe' / 'O Si Dia Mba'.

After Sam Fan Thomas had scored an enourmous hit with 'African typic collection', Sam Batcho toured all over the world as drummer in Sam Fan Thomas's band. They popularized the makassi rhythm and in 1986 Sam Fan Thomas and Jean Paul Mondo accompanied Batcho on his first solo album under the name Groupe Tamis d'Or. This album was followed in 1988 by the album ‘More Makassi’. In the 90s he released two more CDs, 'Ndol'asu' in 1995 and 'Makassi Dance' in 1997.

zaterdag 7 december 2019

Aimé Parfait

Aimé Parfait, talented new generation Makossa singer/composer. In 2013 he scored a huge hit with the song ‘Aimé Nya Maria. His most recent album ‘My Number One’ came out in 2019.

♫ Clip 2019: Aimé Parfait – My Number One
♫ Clip 2013: Aimé Parfait – Aimé Nya Maria
♫ Clip 2015: Aimé Parfait – Je Suis Fou D’Elle


zondag 1 december 2019

Andre Marie Tala

See my other blog AfricOriginal  for a biography and an extended discography of Andre Marie Tala.

zaterdag 30 november 2019

Biram King

Biram King, a Makossa Singer who broke through in 1981 with the hit song 'Go fo bifo fo back', partly sung in pidgin English. After 3 albums in 1980,81 and 82 his fans had to wait until 1988 for a new album. With the song 'O si dia mba' he scored another hit that year. In 1996 the album 'Cocktail Explosif' followed, including a new version of his earlier hit 'Go fo bifo fo back. His last album, known to me 'Eruption du Volcan', dates from 2001.


zondag 24 november 2019

Bobby-James Nguime

Bobby James Nguime is a Paris-based Makossa guitarist who regularly releases solo albums. His first CD was released in 1993, but he became really famous with the project "La Bible du Makossa", a series of six albums with medleys that together form a sample of modern Makossa. Partly due to the success of the 'Bible' project, he developed into a much sought after session guitarist who not only worked with many well-known Cameroonian artists, but also with renowned stars such as Mbilia Bel (Congo) and Meiway (Ivory Coast).
♫ Audio: 2000 “La Bible Originale” (feat. Guy Lobe)
♫ Live: 2018 Bobby James Nguime live at ‘Les Banen du Benelux 3-11-2018


zaterdag 23 november 2019

Jean Clément Mbongué: 1950 - 2019

On November 12 Jean Clément Mbongué,  a lesser known singer from the golden age of Makossa died at the age of 69. Jean Clément Mbongué was a versatile man. Besides his musical activities he served as a soldier in the army of Cameroon and had a successful career as football player. From 1976 to 1978 he played as a striker with Caiman of Douala and he was also active with Le Tonnerre de Yaoundé, Racing de Bafoussam and the Cameroon National Military Team.
This busy existence may explain that his musical production was limited to only 2 LPs and 2 singles released in the early eighties. Nevertheless, he has several classics to his name such as "Agui", the very haunting "Son Timba", "Tilea MBA" and "Nje mo Bolè Ndolasu".

maandag 24 juni 2019


Born March 4, 1974 in Douala, Cameroon, Francois Victor Njoh a.k.a. Njohreur  (Mba-Nu Tiger) began in music when he joined the Music Club at Bonabéri High School, where in 1984 he was awarded the prize for "Best School Singer" by Joe Mboulé, the great Cameroon star of the moment. Two years later, he is director of the high school orchestra, a function that will occupy during 3 years. Convinced of his talent, Njohreur decided to make music his job. Thus begins the artistic adventure of the young Francis Victor Njoh. He starts performing in the cabarets from Douala by covering the repertoires of the most famous artists of the time, such as Eboa Lotin, Douleur, Guy Lobé and Hoigen Ekwalla, to mention a few.

In 1994, Petit Pays called on him to join his group, Les Sans Visas as chorist and animateur. Together with Jojo Moussio and Samy Diko he forms a trio called The Dignitaries. With Petit Pays they record Korta (Les dignitaries) a cd of which thousands were sold in French West Africa. This success led to many concerts across Africa and a national tour in Cameroon. The same year, the band won the Best African Group award at the Consty Eka Awards in Libreville, Gabon.

In 1996 Njohreur was invited by Kotto Bass to participate in the Cameroon Stars 2000 album which was released by Aladji Toure. On this album several promising Makossa vocalists covered classics from artists such as J.R.Nelson, Moni Bile, Pierre Didy Tchakounte and Pierre de Moussy. In this year Njohreur also left Les Dignitaries to form a duo with his fellow singer Sergeo Polo. The new duo creates a new dance craze with their Makossa-Zingue style, which combines Makossa with the popular Congolese Ndombolo. Due to  this success their album Le mari d'autrie is chosen as the best Makossa record of 1997 and the duo itself as the revelation of 1997. The cooperation with Sergeo Polo didn't last long, but in 1998 Njohreur continued his success with the acclaimed first solo album Ka-Byla: Zingue came no go.


 After Ka Byla he releases new albums - always at intervals of a few years - that are doing well: Mbukutu (2001), Harmattan (2003), Mulemba (2007), Statut pas 2 (2009) and Ça donne (2013).
In 2014 Njohreur launches The 12th Player, a musical project to gain maximum support for The Indomitable Lions, who have qualified successful for the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. The campaign comprises of a jersey (green and yellow) sold at CFA 5000 and an audio maxi single with three different versions. Several musicians collaborated in the compositions under the patronage of Petit Pays. “The 12th player” refers to Cameroonians of all works of life. We should come out in our numbers to support the Lions, irrespective of our origins. Let us wipe out the spirit of division among supporters, because some players are encouraged while others are usually neglected,” Njohreur explained. After this project Njohreur continued to work on his new album and in december 2014 he launched the titletrack of his forthcoming album Les complexés.