zondag 15 augustus 2010

Axel Mouna - Juventus 1981

In every style of music you have artists that have one big hit and that's it. In the Makossa history Axel Mouna is one of those. In the early eighties he recorded two albums for the 'Africa Oumba' label, 'Take' and 'Juventus'. The first one is a record you forget immediately after you have listened to it. The second one contains five, very good makossa tunes and the outstanding title track Juventus.

As I was told the song tells about a football team, not the one from Turin, but from Douala. Juventus is not the most exciting dance song. It's more a song that evokes feelings of nostalgia, even with me though I don't understand the lyrics.


In any case, in those days it was a big hit and today Juventus is a real classic among Makossa fans. I don't know what has become of Axel Mouna. In the early nineties he made another record 'Time ni time', but then I never heard from him.

videoclip:    'Juventus' by Charlotte Dipanda & Henry Njoh, live in Palais des Sports Yaoundé

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