donderdag 5 augustus 2010

Jean Claude Mbimbe Kamando

In 1984, JC MBIMBE KAMANDO made his first album Etond’a ndolo which contained the track Dibumbe that became ‘song of the year’ In 1986, JCMK set his way in the Cameroonian Makossa scene with his second album, Oa na oa. This second album had a great success thanks to his mythic slow Tete. A video of this slow was produced to the pleasure of his fans. After been witness of all the sufferings in Ethiopia, JCMK came out in 1987 with his third album Ithiopia,  with titles like  Diaba la bobe and Ithiopia. In 1995 JCMK released his fourth album We ned nje with titles like Epoupa and Mabola.

22 Years after “WE NDE NJE”, the cross cultural and Trans generational new album Bijou+ of JCMK is there for the pleasure of his fans and lovers of good music. Throughout this album, one can discover the originality, purity and authenticity of JCMK. Bijou+ is a mixture of different genres of Cameroonian rhythms: pure and authentic makossa, afro beat, slow and zouk.

2017 - Bijou+

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