maandag 16 augustus 2010

Les Veterans - Massik abang 1988

In the study 'A history of Bikutsi music in Cameroon' by Hortense and Charles Fuller, the following is written about Les Veterans:

(In the mid-eighties) the group Les 'Veterans' were to become one of the biggest new stars on the Bikutsi-scene, combining a cool, almost easy- listening, to rumba influenced guitars and brass. Their series of recordings received considerable attention and Les Veterans became one of Bikutsi's all time best known orchestras.

For those who are interested in reading the whole article:


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  1. After the Black Styl, Les Veterans are my favorite group. I have 3 of their albums. I fondly remember dancing to Au Village (Jobajo) in a small village in the Southern Province-- great music. These guys don't get the respect they deserve.

    KTRU Chris