vrijdag 20 augustus 2010

Mangambeu Special

No Makossa this time. Today it's time for Mangambeu. Mangambeu is a dance inspired by Bamiléké folklore. It is Pierre Didy Tchakounte who modernised the dance and made it popular. In this Mangambeu special I present you 3 tracks.

We start with a part of 'Nya thadee' by Namy Jean de Boulon a traditional Mangabeu song. The song itself is about 45 minutes long, so I hope you will understand that I didn't post the whole record.

. The following track is 'Ou c'est lui ou c'est moi' by Pierre Didy Tchakounte.

The last track is 'Mentia' by Gapitcha, an artist who had some success in the mid-eighties with his own style of Mangambeu.

Clip of a concert by Pierre Didy Tchakounte from 2003
Pierre Didy Tchakounte live

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  1. Mangambeu is the best thing!
    I want more. Please.