dinsdag 3 augustus 2010

Prince Ndedi Eyango

♫ Clip: 2017 Prince Ndedi Eyango – Thank you mama (clip officiel) King Mouan Nkum

Ndedi Eyango (aka Prince Eyango) emerged from the Cameroon music scene in the late '80s to become one of the country’s most popular singers and guitar players. Born in Nkongsamba, Eyango's talents were recognized at the age of seven when he began singing in the church where his father was a pastor. In addition to singing he learned to play  guitar and by 1982 Prince Eyango and his group, Les Montagnards d'Afrique (the Mountain Dwellers of Africa), were performing nationwide.

A move to Paris netted him a recording contract and access to state-of-the-art studios, which led to the creation of his biggest hit, You must calculate in 1987, when Prince Eyango was named Best Artist of the Year, Cameroon's highest musical honor, awarded by the Minister of Culture. By 1991 he had achieved a Number One music rating on the powerful, transcontinental Africa No. 1 Radio.

In 1993 Eyango moved to United States where he started his own music company, Preya Music. During the 90’s he became the promotor and producer of several new, upcoming artists such as Longue longue,Jacky Kingue,Tanus Foe,Marcel Bwanga,Ndema System and Papa Zoe. Eyango has toured in Africa, Europe and North America.

He was nominated in 2000 for the Los Angeles Weekly Music Award in the World Music category, and was also called upon by respected pop music producer Don Was to record a track for Bette Midler’s album, Bette, where his impeccable guitar lines add a distinctive flavor to the song Moses. In addition to performing extensively in Africa, Europe, the United States and Canada, in 2005 Eyango increased his geographic scope to Asia where he was invited to perform as the headline artist at New Delhi, India’s Samath Festival and in China, for the Shanghai May festival.

In 2009,Prince Eyango returned to Cameroon  to expand his career as a musician and producer, and to promote the vibrant culture and musical talent in his country of birth. Since his return his involvement in social issues is also reflected in several productions in which he draws attention for problems such as maternal mortality, the living conditions of war refugees and child labor. His 2012 album Apelle Moi  brought him a nominated for best male artist of the year; this nomination came to fruition on the Cameroon's Music Award night when Cameroon's Minister of culture announced the 2013 winner: Prince Ndedi Eyango.
♫ 2012 Appelle moi


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  1. Are there musicians listed on the back of the YK Ajao album? Is there a date? I am curious because I knew a Cameroonian guitarist who was in Ajao's band when he came to the US, and wonder if he recorded on this, maybe was the inspiration for the fusion.

  2. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  3. The album is from 1991. I have another album by "The Professor" from 1990 with the title "Juju Makosa series one". On both albums no names of musicians are listed.

  4. I can see lapiro de mbanga also benefited from this congolese album with the amama samale samale jia jia, nack kanda

  5. kmo obtengo estos albunes quie me ayuda gracias