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In an earlier post about Makossa-influenced music I included the song "Je m'en fous" by the Ivorian singer Daouda. Today some more attention for this gifted singer and composer. Beside a short biography and his vinyl discography this post contains the original version of Daouda's biggest hit and two songs from 1980 and 1986 that are not released on cd.

(..) Daouda was born as Tou Kone Daouda in Abidjan of Burkinabe parents. He began his career as a TV technician. He was however also a talented amateur singer and guitarist whose big break came when he was overheard preactising in the studio and was invited to appear on TV and make a record. In 1976 he released his first single "Les gbakas d'Abidjan".

The public demanded more of his sweet soukous inspired music and so he turned to music as a full-time career releasing his second single "La villageons", in 1977. A gifted lyricist, Daouda introduced Ivorian audiances to his unique mixture of Soukous, Makossa and local rhythms. In 1978 he released the first version of "Mon coeur balance".


Several more LP's followed in quick succession as Daouda established his national reputation.
However, his biggest breakthrough came in 1983 with the international release of a reworked version of his first LP on the London based Sterns label - "Le Sentimental". With the help of Souzy Kasseya, Alhadji Toure, Jimmy Hyacinthe and Jimmy & Fredo(one of Africa's hottest horn sections), the album was an instant hit in the francophone world. In 1985 he released the long-awaited "La femme de mon patron", with the help of several Cameroonian musicians. Now based in Paris, he has established a truly international reputation(..)
(Source: The Da Capo Guide To Contemporary African Music by Ronnie Graham 1988)


In 1995 Daouda migrated to the United States where he didn't succeed in pursuing his music career. In 2007 however, after his return to Ivory Coast he recorded a new album with producer Jean Aristide Dico. The last few years Daouda succeeded to make a spectaculair comeback in Ivory Coast. In 2009 he recorded the successful song "C'est pas ma faute" together with the female singer Betika.

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