vrijdag 10 september 2010

Ndedi Dibango - Esther 1983

Ndedi Dibango

Great Makossa singer/songwriter, who released a string of hits during the eighties with songs as - Epapala - Victory Makossa - Eye me - and It's all right. He had his last success with "Tchoki dance" in 1990. All I could find about him from the period after 1990 is that in 2002,  two "Best of" CD's were released with all his hits from the eighties. If you know more about Ndedi Dibango, please let me know.


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  1. Slight correction. The song "esther 1983" is mislabeled. Esther is a different song and this one is "Mulema Te"

    Thanks for the superb site.

  2. As far as I know, the song -Mulema te - is not a Makossa but a "slow" ballad. Thanks for your reaction.
    Dolf Motz

  3. You might be right about Mulema Te being a slow number. However, the attached song is definitely not Esther; it might have been mislabelled on the album cover.

    Esther has a famous line: Oka ne mba loko la bobe esther weh! ("Weh! Esther you duped me!" or literally translated "Weh Esther you are playing a bad game with me")which does not feature on the attached song which back in the day we used to refer to as "Kokeleko":-) Again this is a minor detail which only Makossa "purists" will bother about. Thanks again for this site!