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Ngalle Jojo

     1978 Bandolo na momba mabu

     1984 Sona loko   

After some musicians who came to fame in the eighties, it's time again for a singer, Ngalle Jojo who started his career in the seventies. Still a schoolboy, he was discovered as singer by Nelle Eyoum, the father of modern Makossa. In 1977 while studying in Paris, he recorded "Alliance" which made him a star of cameroonian music scene.

Two years later, he records "Madilla" his first album which was awarded the International Grand Prix for young singers. In 1980 "Petit Madam" took him up to the top of the charts. In 1981 he founded his own record company and produced records by Ebanda Manfred, Villavienne, Janette Ndiaye and other talented young people. During the first half of the eighties he released at least another three successful records, among which "Sona loko" in 1984.

Since the mid-eighties his musical output becomes irregular. His most recent CD's are: "Ewa Ewa" from 2000 and "The Best of Ngalle Jojo" from 2005. Both CD's are available on : $ FNAC - Ngalle Jojo

1975 SAF 1771


1976 SAF 1840

1975 SAF 1941

Ngalle Jojo now lives in Paris where he is active as born again evangelical. Despite his religious activities, he still finds time to act as makossa singer. In 2010 he gave some shows in the US together with Dina Bell.

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