zaterdag 30 oktober 2010

JR.Nelson - Nyan'am 1985

1985  JR.NELSON - NYAN'AM  TN 590

In 1985 JR.Nelson scored in Cameroon with the record "Nyan'am". The album released on Toto Guillaume's record label was followed by the also successful albums "Ba iyo" in 1986 and "Dia" in 1987. The following years it became silent around JR.Nelson until 1998 when he came with the CD "Wuba dibola". Although JR.Nelson did not make any other CD since then, he is still active as singer as you can see below.


vrijdag 15 oktober 2010

Ekwe Silo - Na si monga 1989

 1989 EKWE SILO  - NA MA KOSSA   ES 2002 

After Fabian from  Africolombia's Blog posted the album "Munjamé bobé" on his blog  Link  Africolombia - Ekwe Silo   I promised him to post some tracks from another Ekwe Silo record on my blog.  Ekwe Silo started his musical career as a guitarist. During the late eighties he was successful with some solo records.  The following tracks are from  "Na ma kossa" an lp that was released in 1989.



donderdag 7 oktober 2010


1987    KONKAI MAKOSSA    AT 075

Charlotte Mbango who passed away last year at the age of 49, was one of the most beloved singers of Cameroon.

Born in an artistic family (she's actually Eboa Lotin's granddaughter), Charlotte starts singing as soprano in a church choir at the age of nine . Four years later she starts her own gospel group. In 1979 she leaves Cameroun to continue her studies in Paris. In the early eighties Charlotte becomes part of the Parisian music scene and takes care of the backing vocals in numerous Afro-Antillean record sessions.

Her solo career kicks off in 1986 with the release of her first album, "Nostalgie". A very successful debut that paves the way for her second album "Konkai Makossa" in 1987. This record becomes a worldwide success rewarded by a Golden Record.

Charlotte continues in the same spirit with the albums "Maloko" (1991) and "Malea" (1996). Also in 1996 she sings a great duet "Sengato", with the late Tom Yom's and contributes with the song "Mumi" to the Syllart production "Sans Papiers Acte II". In 1998 she goes back to her musical "roots" with "Combines Religieuses", a CD with religious music.

In 2002, Charlotte starts the new millenium with the release of "Essuw'am" (Mon Combat), followed in 2003 by a "Best Of". In between she travelled all over the world to share her music on stage with her fans.

Her huge talent has been largely acknowledged and rewarded by numerous honours such as the Honorary TAMANI she got in Bamako, Mali in 2003.Her musical gift has allowed her to collaborate with established names as Manu Dibango and Paul Simon. In 2006 she released another religious record, the double-cd "Cantiques". It was her last one.

Clip: Konkai Makossa 1987



1986   NOSTALGIE   AT 072

1991 VOL. 3 MALOKO   CD 54681

1996   MASOMA   CP 1295

1996   TOM YOM'S & LE FORUM     TY 002


2002  ESSUW'AM   MB1604


1 Konkai makossa/ 2 Dikom lam la moto/
3 Sengato/ 4 Bito/ 5 Makossa non stop/
6 Mumi/ 7 Adou/ 8 Maloko/ 9 Douala serenade/
10 Na so a nde/ 11 Moutonde bato/
12 Malea/ 13 Sengane/

zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

Michel Kingue - Ndok'a mun'asu 1973

MICHEL KINGUE Author / Composer / Musician
(1933 - 2007)

Born in 1933 in Douala, Michel Kingue's musical career started in the fifties. After a stay in Libreville - Gabon, Kingue tried his luck in Europe, where he was one of the first who introduced Makossa to a Western public. In 1973 Michel Kingue recorded "Ndok'a mun'asu".



Michel Kingue's discography has a musical range from Makossa, Salsa, Congolese Rumba and various caribbean rhythms.  Michel Kingue worked with artists such as: Eitel Tobo, Michel Eko, Manu Dibango and many others. Michel Kingue died in Paris on 1 June 2007. Read more about him on: Michel Kingue on Myspace