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Manfred Ebanda - Mot'a wayo 1983


MANFRED EBANDA   1935 - 2003
Along with Mouelle Guillaume, Epee Mbende and Nelle Eyoum, Manfred Ebanda is one of the pioneers of Makossa. He is best known for Amio, a song he wrote at the age of 24 years, about his love for Amie Brigitte Essomba and that swept the world twenty years later in the version by Bebe Manga.

This time no attention for Amio, but for an LP from 1983. During this period he worked together with VillaVienne. She was his wife untill 1978, but after their divorce they kept performing together on stage.

♫   Mot'a wayo

♫   Osi wasa

As the case with many other pioneers of Makossa, little is known about the discography of Manfred Ebanda. During his career he made several singles and LP's. Beside this album I only know of the existence of an album from 1989 that he made together with VillaVienne.

Additional information about his discography is always welcome! For the many Amio-fans: here are a few links to different versions of this song.

Clip:   Amio - Naima
Clip:   Amio - Manu Dibango feat. Papa Wemba & Angelique Kidjo

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  1. Seems like a collection of different versions of Amio has been released.