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Moni Bile - Affection 1988


In "The Da Capo Guide to Contemporary African Music" published in 1988, Ronnie Graham writes the following words about Moni Bile: (...) Moni Bile is today the most popular Makossa singer in both Cameroon and Paris. With five LP's released to date (in 1986 MO), he has established a reputation for sophisticated production, incessant dance rhythms and sweet vocals. He makes use of only the very best session men and has replaced Sam Fan Thomas as the dance ploor sound (...)

A few years later in 1991, Graeme Ewens continues in his book "Africa O-Ye, a celebration of African music" (...) During the Eighties Paris became the recording capital of Africa, with a roster of artists lining up to release albums. Some of the biggest hits were scored by Moni Bile. Bile delivers his Douala lyrics in a mellow growl, and he almost sings without pause, the voice blending with the music rather then standing out in front. During the Eighties his records outsold those of the other new-look Makossa artists. Since taking up music professionally in 1981 at the age of 24, Moni Bile has been on the forefront of hi-tech Makossa. His album Bijou was the most influential, leading to the first populair boom (of new-wave Makossa, MO) and opening the way for Sam Fan Thomas, Elvis kemayo, Lapiro de Mbanga, Guy Lobe and others (...)

These quotes say enough about the role that Moni Bile played in the booming  Makossa scene of the Eighties. And unlike many other Makossa singers from this decade he has managed to remain in the forefront in the next decades. Since 1990 he has released at least seven new CD's. Every few years he also releases compilations of his older work. This way he keeps his music always available for his fans all over the world.

On the occasion of his 30th anniversary as a singer a box set of seven CD's was released in 2009, containing his complete cataloque. This box can be ordered on Moni Bile's own website for only € 55,--.

 $: L 'intégrale 30 Ans en 7 CD

This website also contains his discography, several facts about his career pictures and some articles.
To bring you in the mood, here follows one of my personal Moni Bile favorites:


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