dinsdag 30 november 2010

Sam Mangwana goes Makossa !!! - Eding epose


During the late Eighties and early Nineties, Toto Guillaume produced some albums under the name of Africa Wonderful . One of the better known albums in this series is Féfé Bekombo accompagné par Africa Wonderful".  Less well known is that Toto Guillaume also produced an Africa Wonderful album in cooperation with Sam Mangwana. On this album from 1991 the master crooner of Congolese Rumba covers some Makossa classics in the Douala language!

The album contains six tracks arranged by Toto Guillaume for an all-out group of Cameroonian musicians. It was supposed to be Sam's follow up to his successful album Alladji, but  the album entitled Duta longo failed to have an impact on the international market. Probably because it was released in the old LP (vinyl) format.

The following two tracks, Eding epose and Makom ma ndolo are composed by two former members of the legendary group Los Calvinos. In the early Seventies Edouard Ebonge was the drummer and Manfred Nyamsi was the bass player of Los Calvinos.

Listen first to the original by Ebongue Edouard backed by Los Calvinos and enjoy then Sam Mangwana going Makossa.....!

1976    EBONGUE EDOUARD  -  SAF    1823




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