donderdag 23 december 2010

Eboa Lottin


Eboa Lottin Emmanuel ( 06-08-1942 / 06-10-1997) is one of legends and founding fathers of modern makossa. See for his biography and music on CD:  website Eboa Lottin       

Mulema man is the first song that Eboa Lottin recorded in 1962 for Philips. The song tells us the story of a young couple where the husband has granted full independence  and freedom to his wife because he is not able to fulfill  and satisfy her inordinate ambitions.



The following song Munyenge ma ngando is from 1968 and describes the taste of a victory after a hard battle.


This song is also a tribute to the  football club Caiman Akwa Club de Douala. You can find more information about the Caiman's at: PeupleSawa - Caiman Akwa Club de Douala

CAIMAN CLUB DE DOUALA around 1968 with international MBETTE ISAAC on the white shoes.

zondag 12 december 2010

Geo W. Masso - A muto - 1981

1981 A MUTO TN 586

Masso Mpessa Geoffrey William is born on the 4th of August 1951 and hails from Bonaberi - Douala. He started the eighties with the hit single A muto (1981) and scored again at the end of the eighties with the song Lolita (1989) from the LP with the same title.

The subtitle of the Lolita album, "The greatest come back" is may be an explanation for the fact that I could not find other LP's from Geo Masso from the eighties. The success album Lolita was followed by Bolu bwasu (1991). After this album Masso's fans had to wait again until the end of the decade for his next CD Force (1999) with the hit song Nen lambo. After this CD Geo Masso had a productive period with the CD's Titanic (2001) and Force 3 (2002). As far as I know he has not made any new CD since "Force 3".




donderdag 9 december 2010

Stephan Eboumbou - the "Pete Best" of the Black Styl's


Pete Best was the first drummer of The Beatles. He joined the band in 1959 but in 1962 - just before the band became successful - he was replaced by Ringo Starr. Something simular happened with Eboumbou, the first bass player and singer of the band that rose to fame under the name Black Styl.
In 1972 Nkotti Francois started to work as singer for Toto Ekane Felix, the director of the Davoum Bar in Douala. Soon after the young guitarists Mouelle Jean and Toto Guillaume were also recruted to play in the Davoum Bar. In an interview with Celistin Edjangue, Nkotti Francois told the story that after some time the original bass player / singer of the bar's house band was replaced by Emile Kangue. This person was Stephan Eboumbou.

We know what happened to Pete Best after he was forced to leave The Beatles. He tried several times with little success to create other bands. Later Best earned several million when the Beatles Antology was published including old recordings on which Pete Best took care of the drums.


Lesser known is what happened with Stephane Eboumbou. I discovered that he recorded at least one 45 rpm single for the french Sonafric label. This single dates from around 1976.
SAF 1832  Stephan Eboumbou - Pardonnez, pardonnez moi
In the same period he contributed also two songs (Lolakise & Ndolo ne ndima na ndoki) to the LP En passant par le Cameroun: Cameroun Partout Vol. 2 on the Disques Cousin label.