zondag 12 december 2010

Geo W. Masso - A muto - 1981

1981 A MUTO TN 586

Masso Mpessa Geoffrey William is born on the 4th of August 1951 and hails from Bonaberi - Douala. He started the eighties with the hit single A muto (1981) and scored again at the end of the eighties with the song Lolita (1989) from the LP with the same title.

The subtitle of the Lolita album, "The greatest come back" is may be an explanation for the fact that I could not find other LP's from Geo Masso from the eighties. The success album Lolita was followed by Bolu bwasu (1991). After this album Masso's fans had to wait again until the end of the decade for his next CD Force (1999) with the hit song Nen lambo. After this CD Geo Masso had a productive period with the CD's Titanic (2001) and Force 3 (2002). As far as I know he has not made any new CD since "Force 3".




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