zaterdag 29 januari 2011

Epee d'Or - Cameroun o boso


Richard Epee Mbende a.k.a. Epee D'Or, was one of the leading pioneers in the development of Makossa music during the 50's and 60's. Founding father of such legendary bands as  l'Orchestre UVOCOT Jazz  (UVOCOT means "The Union of Coastal Voices") and Los Calvinos.

I realise that Epee D'Or deserves a more comprehensive biography, but unfortunately I could not find any other information about him.



donderdag 20 januari 2011

Charly Nelle

                 Charly Nelle began his musical career in the early 80's. He released his first album 'Ndol'am nu' in 1982. Between 1982 and 1996 followed five more records. He scored his biggest hit with the song 'La femme'. A few years ago Charly Nelle made even a new video-clip for 'La femme', in an attempt to revive this classic.
♫ 1983 La femme (New videoclip)  
♫ 1996:  Na si dolone ndolo

After the CD 'Na si dolone ndolo' followed an artistic silence of more then ten years until 2008. In that year he came back with a new album arranged by Conti Bilong, entitled 'Sacramento'. It is a varied album in which Makossa is interspersed with Caribbean Zouk, Salsa and Congolese Rumba inspired tunes. Occasionally even a hint of Jazz can be heard.
2017 Live in Washington

After this album another period of silence followed only interrupted by the CD single 'Ingratitude' in 2012. But in 2017 Charly Nelle celebrates the 35th anniversary of his musical career and is back on stage - including a tour in the US - and fresh new songs like 'La femme d'autrui' , 'Massoma' and 'Equilibre'.
♫ Live in Washington february 2017 
♫ Videoclip: 2017 – La femme d’autrui
♫ Videoclip: 2017 – Massoma
♫ Videoclip: 2017 – Equilibre


zaterdag 15 januari 2011

Ange Ebogo Emerent - Adieu Jeannine 1981

1981 OZIMA MAN   ASLPS 007

Ange Ebogo Emerent is already four decades a big name in the Cameroon music scene. Therefore it's not a surprise that he was one of the most important representives of Ewondo music during the concert to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the independance of Cameroon.

Clip:   Ange Ebogo Emerent

Ange Ebogo Emerent was born on December 4, 1952 in Mfou, a small town east of the capital Yaounde in the Central Province. His musical career started in the early seventies and in 1976 he released his first record. In 1980 he founded his own band Ozima. With Ozima he recorded the album Ozima man in 1981. Two years later he released the album Sita menque. Of this successful album 12000 copies were sold in Cameroon and France.

In the nineties Ange became also a successful arranger. So was he in 1991 the man behind K-Tino's first hit-album Ascenseur. Meanwhile, he has over 20 albums to his name. His most recent CD Trop c'est trop is from 2009.




1987 EXPLOSION   DTC 027


dinsdag 4 januari 2011

Frank de Blaiso - Travailler sans salaire 1990


Last year rapper Roggy Stentor was quite successful with his personal blend of Hip-Hop and Makossa. In particular the song Ndengue was received very well in Cameroon. For the Makossa part of Ndengue, Stentor called in the help of Frank de Blaiso.

Clip:       Roggy Stentor ft. Frank de Blaiso - Ndengue

Frank de Blaiso, a singer with a voice that reminds me of Douleur, has released one album in 1990 on Aladji Toure's label, entitled Nelson Mandela. Since that record nothing is heard of him till this cooperation with Roggy Stentor. I don't know why Frank de Blaiso never made a new record, because the album did well when it came out and I remember that it received a very positive review in the former international reggae magazine The Beat. So I hope that the success of "Ndengue" will bring us a new solo album by Frank de Blaiso.