zaterdag 15 januari 2011

Ange Ebogo Emerent - Adieu Jeannine 1981

1981 OZIMA MAN   ASLPS 007

Ange Ebogo Emerent is already four decades a big name in the Cameroon music scene. Therefore it's not a surprise that he was one of the most important representives of Ewondo music during the concert to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the independance of Cameroon.

Clip:   Ange Ebogo Emerent

Ange Ebogo Emerent was born on December 4, 1952 in Mfou, a small town east of the capital Yaounde in the Central Province. His musical career started in the early seventies and in 1976 he released his first record. In 1980 he founded his own band Ozima. With Ozima he recorded the album Ozima man in 1981. Two years later he released the album Sita menque. Of this successful album 12000 copies were sold in Cameroon and France.

In the nineties Ange became also a successful arranger. So was he in 1991 the man behind K-Tino's first hit-album Ascenseur. Meanwhile, he has over 20 albums to his name. His most recent CD Trop c'est trop is from 2009.




1987 EXPLOSION   DTC 027


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