dinsdag 4 januari 2011

Frank de Blaiso - Travailler sans salaire 1990


Last year rapper Roggy Stentor was quite successful with his personal blend of Hip-Hop and Makossa. In particular the song Ndengue was received very well in Cameroon. For the Makossa part of Ndengue, Stentor called in the help of Frank de Blaiso.

Clip:       Roggy Stentor ft. Frank de Blaiso - Ndengue

Frank de Blaiso, a singer with a voice that reminds me of Douleur, has released one album in 1990 on Aladji Toure's label, entitled Nelson Mandela. Since that record nothing is heard of him till this cooperation with Roggy Stentor. I don't know why Frank de Blaiso never made a new record, because the album did well when it came out and I remember that it received a very positive review in the former international reggae magazine The Beat. So I hope that the success of "Ndengue" will bring us a new solo album by Frank de Blaiso.



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