vrijdag 25 februari 2011

Nkotti Francois - Dina lam di 1980


This week Douala celebrates in grand style the 40th anniversary of Nkotti Francois his musical career. As founder of the famous Black Styl's, Nkotti Francois is considered as one of the living legends of modern Makossa.

The program:  40 Years Nkotti FRancois

13-02-2011 Interview with Nkotti Francois


Clip: Nkotti Francois Live

vrijdag 18 februari 2011

Manuel Guysso & le Rayon X - O' s'en te 1977

1977 MANUEL GUYSSO & LE RAYON X  2C 064 15.979

Manuel Guysso, composer, arranger and guitar wizard, started his musical career at the end of the sixties. It was Nelle Eyoum who guided him during the first steps of his career. In 1971 he made his first 45 rpm single Sunga mba. More singles and LP's followed. In 1977 he shows his skills as guitarist with the album Manuel Guysso et le Rayon X. Since the early eighties it has become silent around him.



zondag 6 februari 2011

Solo Muna

Paul Nsolo a.k.a. Solo Muna, is born on the 21th of April 1969 in Yabassi, the capital of the Nkam department (north east of Douala). As a young, eightteen years old student he came with a very successful debute, followed in 1988 by the also well received LP Confirmation.                                  
♫ audio: 1988 Confirmation
♫ video: 1989 Femme fragile
With his third record Femme fragile Solo Muna could not maintain the success of his first two albums. Soon after the release of "Femme fragile", Solo left Cameroon and went to France. Since then he made three more CD's: Monsieur le demarreur in 1995, Makossa soukissa in 2000 and finally the album Paris.
♫ audio: 1995 Monsieur le demarreur