zaterdag 21 mei 2011

Jean Paul Monny - Moni 1979


After Manu Dibango's  "Soul Makossa", Jean Paul Monny's "Soul of Cameroon", was the first record from Cameroon that I ever listened to. It must have been around 1980. In that same year Monny made another LP with the title Cathy.



Since that time I have never heard aneything about him. Just recently during the preparation of this post I foud out that he released the cd single Nana Khady in 2006.

Clip:   Nana Khady

$    Nana Khady


maandag 9 mei 2011

Negus Ekotto - Car'a mbamba - 1981

1981 Negus Ekotto - Car'a mbamba / Ewande  NEG 001

In 1981 Negus Ekotto released this 12 inch single. The record did very well and both songs became real Makossa classics. In general it is not common that a Makossa singer is mentioned as "lead vocalist" on his or her own records. Mostly only the names of the background vocalists are mentioned on the cover. So also in this case it was quite normal that Negus Ekotto was only mentioned as writer and composer of both songs.

What surprised me when I heard this two particular songs for the first time in the mid-eighties, was that I immediately recognized the voice of Ndedi Dibango as lead vocalist. As far as I know, Ndedi Dibango released the first album under his own name - Epapala - in 1983. Later I found out that Ndedi Dibango, who was at that time still an unknown talent, "borrowed" his voice to Negus Ekotto on this record. That explains why Dibango is only mentioned on the cover as percusionist.

Unlike Ndedi Dibango, Negus Ekotto seems almost forgotten. That's why today, most people relate these two songs to Ndedi Dibango, who is still regarded as one of the finest male Makossa vocalists.