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Negus Ekotto - Car'a mbamba - 1981

1981 Negus Ekotto - Car'a mbamba / Ewande  NEG 001

In 1981 Negus Ekotto released this 12 inch single. The record did very well and both songs became real Makossa classics. In general it is not common that a Makossa singer is mentioned as "lead vocalist" on his or her own records. Mostly only the names of the background vocalists are mentioned on the cover. So also in this case it was quite normal that Negus Ekotto was only mentioned as writer and composer of both songs.

What surprised me when I heard this two particular songs for the first time in the mid-eighties, was that I immediately recognized the voice of Ndedi Dibango as lead vocalist. As far as I know, Ndedi Dibango released the first album under his own name - Epapala - in 1983. Later I found out that Ndedi Dibango, who was at that time still an unknown talent, "borrowed" his voice to Negus Ekotto on this record. That explains why Dibango is only mentioned on the cover as percusionist.

Unlike Ndedi Dibango, Negus Ekotto seems almost forgotten. That's why today, most people relate these two songs to Ndedi Dibango, who is still regarded as one of the finest male Makossa vocalists.



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  1. Give Negus Ekotto credit for writing and composing two great songs. These have that great Makossa sound, and '81 was early! And with a voice like Ndedi Dibango's he was bound to be famous and sing far into the future.

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    Hi Dolf,
    I am from the U.S. and have been in Cameroon off and on since January 1988. I have been living and working Yaounde for the past five years. In 88 I immediately became a big fan of "orignal Makossa" and collect as much music as I can. I find what is happening with the music scene in Cameroon and "les genies de Makossa" quite depressing. I do have an idea on how to make things somewhat better and would love to share this with you. You can email me at Your Makossa Original site is fantastic! Best wishes - James Beighle