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Petit Pays - Ca fait mal 1987



Adolphe Claude Moundi a.k.a. Petit Pays, 'King of Makossa Love', and  'l'Advocat Defenseurs des Femmes, is undoubtedly the most successful, popular and at the same time most controversial Makossa artists of the past two decades. In his article 'Petit Pays: Nudity and the King' the journalist Kangsen Feka Wakai explains the phenomen Petit Pays.
Petit Pays: 'Nudity and the King' by Kangsen Feka Wakai 


With almost thirty records to his name in 25 years, Petit Pays is also one of the most prolific Makossa artists of our time.
 Prior to his international breakthrough in 1992 with the Mako-Zouk album 'Eyamoyo', produced by the Cape Verdian key-board wizard Manu Lima, Petit Pays had three albums that have been successful on the local market in Cameroon. He began his career with 'Ca fait mal' in 1987, followed by 'Ancien parigo' in 1988 and 'Trouver la vie' in 1990.

One of his most recent (and also controversial) hits was 'Les Pedes' from his 2007 album 'Frotambo'.
  Clip: 2007 Petit Pays - Les pedes

Due to his success, Petit Pays is one of the few Makossa artists who can maintain his own band.
Clip: 11-06-2011 Live: Stade de France: La Nuit Africain a Paris - Petit Pays

 Clip: Petit Pays Live - Muto

Clip: Petit Pays Live - Animation

His most recent CD's are for sale at:
$    Antilles Mizik: Petit Pays

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