woensdag 6 juli 2011

Africa Oumba (AOLP series) by Jules Patrick Wonga 1980 - 1984

Between 1980 and 1984 Jules Patrick Wonga released a small series LP's on his Africa Oumba (AOLP) record label. The series contains mainly Makossa albums, supplemented with some Bikutsi and Cameroon Soukous albums. Looking back can be concluded that the series contains many albums that became 'classics'.
The series starts with Dikom lam la moto, the fantastic LP that Emile Kangue made after he left The Black Styl's to start a solo career. Also Penda Dalle's first album Yadi, Axel Mouna's Juventus and Ndedi Dibango's Epapala are a part of these series. As far as I know was Jean Paul Mondo's Sona Papa, the final LP that came out in these series.
Unfortunately I am not in the possession of the serial numbers AOLP 002, 007 and 018. Additional information about these three LP's is therefore welcome.

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