zaterdag 5 november 2011

T.J.R. Label

Bassplayer, arranger and producer Aladji Toure is, together with guitar wizard Toto Guillaume, one of the most influential men behind the "New Wave Makossa" of the last three decades. Since 1982 Toure has released over 300 albums on his T.J.R. label. His cataloque contains mainly Makossa albums, supplemented with some Bikutsi, Bend Skin and Congolese artists such as Nguma Lokito and Yondo Syster. He brougt many Makossa singers to fame such as Moni Bile, Guy Lobe, Charlotte Mbango and more recently Joly Priso and Eriko. The following record covers are from the first ten albums of his huge cataloque.

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  1. Fine that you are posting again. And I hope to find one or another of these records.

  2. Um.. Interesting list here.Seeing those pictures brings back memories.I remember all those people's from family gatherings, weddings and christenings.To me they were just uncles.Its like looking at an old photo album.
    I feel like getting my own blog .I hate that I am so busy.

    Nguime is my mom's maternal cousin. Moni Bile is my auntie's husband. I haven't seen them in 2 decades and at the time they had 2 daughters.Nguime Manulo lives across the street from the Bile fam.They are in laws to one another.