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Dora Decca - Belalo 2012

BELALO - 2011

    2011 - Engang'a mbombo


Clip:    2007 - Ewombe


After Aphrodite (2002) and Dor'Attitude (2007), Dora Decca has released her third album Belalo (Three in Douala language). Belalo is the storey of a journey. A journey that can be summarized in three steps. A course in which "soul, heart and mind" are a magic trio. The album contains nine new tracks and a remix and was released in december 2011 in Cameroon. Belalo is a mixture of styles. Between Makossa, Essewe, Ambass- Bey, Dora Decca opens a window to Zouklove and R&B. The album also contains a strong Bikutsi song Laisse-le moi, on which she shares her voice with the popular female Bikutsi singer Lady Ponce.

    2011 - Dora Decca & Lady Ponce - Laisse le moi

The artists also mixes her smooth voice to that of her brother Ben Decca in Mulatako. Accompanies by her sister Grace Decca, she offers a prayer in the song Kane. The instruments blend well with the text and the merger of the two voice is nice. With Jacky Kingue in Tawe she closes the chapter collaborations to decry the mental poverty of men. With the help of Jacky Kingue, David Tayorault and Sam Fan Thomas, who took care of the arrangements, the youngest Decca expresses her maturity with this fine record.

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