zaterdag 28 januari 2012

Dora Decca

Born April 11 at the Soppo Priso clinic in Douala, Dora Decca comes from a family of 11 children. Following her primary studies, she entered the College of Technical Industrial and Commercial Education (CETIC) Bassa in Douala where she studied electrical and electronics. After obtaining her CAP, she flies to France to continue her studies and gets her Bachelor's degree.
Ben Decca, Grace Decca & Dora Decca                                           
Born into a family of musicians, Dora Decca began to sing passionately from an early age, under the guidance of her older brother Ben Decca and Toto Guillaume. She performs some choirs with renowned musicians of Cameroonian music such as JR. Nelson, Moni Bile ... His first duet is with Ben Decca in the album Ndol'am.

In 2002, she released her first album entitled Aphrodite under the label JPS Production6. Five years later in February 2007, she released the second album Dor'Attitude produced by Dm2 Prod.

In 2011, the third Belalo album is released under MD2E Prod. Belalo is an album of nine titles in which we find collaborations with Lady Ponce, her brother Ben Decca, her older sister Grace Decca and Jacky Kingue. For the realization, she calls on Sam Fan Thomas and the arranger Bertrand Ebah.

In 2017 she released the catchy (mp3 single)  Il est la. Dora Decca has been married since the year 2000 and has three boys. She lives in France with her family.

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