zondag 26 februari 2012

Epee & Koum

In 2011 the Makossa twin brothers Epee & Koum were back with a new album entitled L'attente.

                                                      Les Jumeaux du Makossa Epee & Koum started their musical career as dancers and background singers of Dina Bell during the second half of the 80's. It was producer Aladji Toure who saw the potential of the twin brothers as solo act. Toure composed and arranged two tight, uptempo Makossa medleys for the twin brothers that hit the dance floors of Cameroon in 1989 and 1990.

Their second album Soukoumakossa came out in 1990. Three songs on this album, including the title track are written by Guy Lobe. The participation of Nene Tchakou, Ngouma Lokito and Mavoungou gives this album a strong Congolese sound. After their less successful CD Homme demesure from 1993, they came back with the CD M'atche in 1996. This album was a co-production with George Weah, who is a great fan of the twin brothers. With the contribution of Boncana Maiga and Manu Lima as arrangers, this was in my opinion one of the best Makossa productions of the 90's.

In 1998 their next  album Sagittaire was released on the JPS label. The participation of Aladji Toure, Toto Guillaume, Jacob Desvarieux and Coco Jean Pierre among others, was again a garantee for a very good sounding record. In the first decade of the new millenium the twins remained active in the Cameroon music scene, but never released any new album. However, they still had succes as guest vocalists on albums by others, such as Kool Bass. Together with him they scored a big hit with the Makossa/Decale song Kathy.

Clip:   2005 Kool Bass ft. Epee & Koum - Kathy


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