zaterdag 17 maart 2012

Penda Dalle - Sona ndolo

 Penda Dalle a.k.a. Jeandal one of the stalwarts of original Makossa, presents his new CD.

Clip: Penda Dalle presents new CD

Enjoy the title track Sona ndolo !!!

Clip: Sona ndolo

Born in 1958, Penda Dalle served in the Cameroon Navy and the Republican Guard from 1976 until 1980. At the age of 22 he left the army and became guitarist in La Musette, the band that Emile Kangue formed after he had quitted Les Black Styl. In 1981 he started his solo career and released his first LP on the Africa Oumba label.

During the 80's and 90's Jeandall released a string of records and became a popular Makossa star. In 2000 he recorded the versy successful album L'espoir de ma vie, which was followed in 2011 by Best of nostalgie vol. 1.

L'espoir de ma vie = for sale at Amazon. com

Penda Dalle also participated in Manu Dibango's Kamer All Stars project together with, Salle John, Henry Njoh, Guy Nsangue, Yves Ndjock and others. On this album he takes care of the rhythm guitar and contributes one of his personal favorites, the classic song Nyong'a mama.

Since then we had to wait ten years for a new CD by Penda Dalle, but now jeandal is back with Sona ndolo!!! Unfortunaltely I can not provide you a link to a (web) store that sells the album.

Clip: 2001 Penda Dalle - Nostalgie 1

Clip 2001: Kamer All Stars - Na ma wolo (A/C Salle John)

♫    1984 Penda Dalle - Na mala


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