zaterdag 13 april 2013

Dina Bell 35 ans de carrière

On May 4, 2012 Dina bell celebrated the 35th anniversary of his artistic career as singer in Sarcelles - Paris.

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        1999: Mambo ma bato

        1991: Elissa


Dina Bell is Born in Douala on the 28th of may 1953 under the name Dina Ebongue Charles. His father and grandfather were both musicians and so he learned to sing and play the guitar very early in his life. His teachers at the Montequieu Lycee and the minister of his local church were quick to recognize his talent. His friends and the example of Manu Dibango led him to leave aside religious music and to concentrate  on Makossa music. As a teenager he starts to perform on parties and other neighborhood events during school holidays.
His first hit 'Yoma, Yoma' a 12 inch 45 rpm single,was recorded in 1978 with the help of Toto Guillaume (guitar) and Aladji Toure (bass) and spread his fame all over Cameroon.  He scored a golden record with 'Yoma yoma', as he also did in 1980 with his first LP, "M'bemba iyo" (When a mother mourns her son).  With the albums "Longe" (1981) and "Etom'am"(1983) he confirmed his immense talent and consolidated his position at the top of the Cameroon hit parade.

In 1982 he participated on the most outstanding compilation of Cameroon music  "Fleurs musicales du Cameroun" with the song "Diana lao". This 3LP-box was produced by the Ministry of Culture of Cameroon, with the participation of several artists including Francis Bebey, Manu Dibango, Anne-Marie Nzié, Marthe Zambo, Ben Decca, Prince Eyango, Dipanda Charlotte, Henry Dikongué Sam Mbende, Jean Bikoko Aladin, Hugo Nyame, Ohandja Mama and many more.

 During the following years he made several more hit albums, such as "Mboa"(1984) and "Poko poko"(1986). In 1988 he received another golden record for the album "Melodies roses". At this time in his career Dina Bell has become one of the key figures in the Douala makossa scene. His band "Bazor Systeme", founded in 1984 becomes a training school for young talented singers and musicians such as Ndedi Eyango, Guy Bilong, Jeannot Ebele and the twins Epee & Koum.

 He continues his success during the 90's with albums as "Elissa" (1991), "Nika na nika" (1998) and "Tempete" (1999). The new millennium started also good for Dina Bell with the album "Tobo tobo" (2002), but in 2004 things turned wrong, when he became  the victim of a violent robbery that almost costed him his life.   It took several years before he was fully recovered. Ultimately, it was not until 2009 that he released a new album with the telling title "rebirth". On May 4 2012 Dina Bell celebrated the 35th anniversary of his career as singer in  Sarcelles - Paris.