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Update 30/09/2017
Last Tuesday 27 September 2017 Sergeo Polo presented his new album entitled "Fleur et Venus". With this album Sergeo Polo celebrates women in all their splendor.

Sergeo Mpollo a.k.a. Sergeo Polo Le Roi Polo XVIII
was born in Deido (Douala) on November 14 1970.He was raised by his mother and his maternel grandparents. He started singing at school concerts when he was in college. In the twelfth grade he decided to become a fulltime singer and stopped his studies. He performed several years in night clubs where he accompanied some well known big names such as Eboa Lotin, Salle John, Ben Decca and many others.

Then he went to Paris where he married and became father to a daughter, Melissa. In November 1996 he released a duet album with "Njohreur", a former singer of "Les sans visas de Petit Pays". The record "Le mari d'autrui" was well received in Cameroon and in 1998 Sergeo Polo came with his first solo record "Carton rouge".

During the making of a tribute album for Eboa Lotin he met Aladji Toure, which led to the production of the album "Georgie" on Toure's label in November 2000. With three successful albums in less then five years, Sergeo Polo soon became a household name in the Makossa community. It is therefore not surprising that he managed to bring together some of the biggest names in Cameroon music for his next album "La chicotte de papa". With the help of Guy Nsangue, Aladji Toure, Manulo, Congolese guitar wizard Caen Madoka and Jean Philippe Tamba as arranger, Sergeo Polo won a gold disc and the title of 'best artist in 2003'.
The same year he did another duet album with legendary singer Guy Lobe, released as CD and DVD under the name "Cocktail". With "The prisoner" an album released in November 2005, he stayed at the top of the Cameroon music and in March 2006, he was once again honored by the Cameroon public who chose him again as best male artist of 2005.

In 2008 he released a mini album "On est ensemble" at the request of "d'Orange Cameroun", that accompanied all events organised by the mobil operator and the Cameroon national team "les Lions Indomptabel".
♫ 2008 Clip - On est ensemble
Two years later Sergeo Polo is back with the CD "Amour a deux, amour a vie" an album produced by Toto Guillaume. The record is released on Polo's own label SP Association and contains guest appearances by renowned African artists such as Barbara Kanam, Landry Ifauta and Mirage Supersonic. As "Roi Polo XVIII" Sergeo Polo presents himself now as a true SAPEUR, a follower of "La Societé des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes".

In December 2013 he released the CD "Carte postale". The album contains 9 tracks and includes collaborations with Kaissa Doumbe and Ivorian Soum Bill. All the songs are written by Sergeo Polo himself except the title "Ali Baba forever".
♫ 2013 Clip - Efforts personels
♫ 2013 Clip - Mon coeur bat pour toi