dinsdag 3 januari 2017

Johnny Tezano

Allthough the emphasis on this blog  remains Makossa, I will occasionally pay some attention to other popular Cameroon music styles such as Bikutsi, Ashiko and Mangabeu.
Johnny Tezano is a singer/guitarist from the Cameroons capital Yaoundé where the Beti / Ewondo people live. Most popular music among the Beti is Bikutsi, a modernised traditional music style. As in the rest of Cameroon, Congolese music is also popular in and around Yaoundé and in the 80’s most of the Bikutsi records contained at least one Congolese inspired song.
Johnny Tezano made a different choise, before Kotto Bass he is one of the few artists in Cameroon who seduced his audience with Congolese inspired music. More than 30 years he was quite successfull  in Cameroon with his own brand of "Soukous".  Meanwhile the man retired, but for many years he combined his life as a musician with a job as a police-officer. To me this looks a quite unusual combination.

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