zaterdag 15 april 2017

Joe Mboule: 1953 - 2015

Joe Mboule, whose real name is Njoh Mboule Ludovic Georges is born on 30 April 1953 and died on 11 October 2015 in Douala. Joe Mboule's musical career spans four decades.
He comes from a very musical family that includes famous artists like his cousin Charlotte Mbango and his uncle the singer/songwriter Eboa Lotin, who was one of the co-founders of modern Makossa. His father played fiddle and banjo in his lost hours and his mother sang in the local church choir.

Joe Mboule began his career as an artist in 1972, at the age of 19. He burst onto the Cameroonian and African music scene with the title Mpuly Mwa Salamander in 1973, which he recorded with buddies at Radio Douala. As a result of this success, he signs with Safari Ambiance. Colette Maniatakis the director of Safari Ambiance gave him carte blanche to freely express his creativity. Joe Mboule returned to the studio to write Malabar (Longuè le Ndé Sport). This album saw the participation of some of the members of what is called at the time, the national team of makossa including Aladji Touré and Toto Guillaume.
Malabar (Longuè lé ndé sport) was released in 1979 and was with over 20.000 sold copies a big musical success. The magazine Bingo described Joe Mboule as "a singer of charm, a musician in the proper sense of the term. Although rhythmic remains conventional, his choices of instruments and arrangements announce an unusual wind in music”.
During the years that followed, Joe scored several other hits like Muna ndô in 1982 and O si Linga in 1986. Beside his own musical career, he founded the label Tempo Records in 1980 with which he produced some of the young talents of the time such as Ben Decca and Bebey Black. Joe Mboule has also been fully involved in the issue of copyright and the promotion of francophone artists in various organizations such as the Conseil Francophone de la Chanson and the International Federation of Actors. His last album L’essentiel came out in 2012. 


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