woensdag 4 april 2018

Jacky Doumbe (Kape)

Jacky Doumbe (1954), nicknamed Kape was one of Cameroon's foremost Makossa singers during the 80's. In 1980 he released his first album Africa 80 together with Moise Doumbe.
♫ 1980 Audio: Jacky & Moise – Malo Malam
This album was followed by at least five solo albums which contained several hit songs like Mum'a Kwala, Tonton A Meya and Diba La Bobe (Ina Ndo).
♫ 1983 Audio: Jacky Doumbe – Tonton A Méya
♫ 2012 Video: Jacky Doumbe live à Sarcelles – Diba La Bobe (Ina Ndo)
During the 90's not much was heard of him until 1999, when he came back with the strong CD Aiyo Oh on the JPS label.
♫ 1999 Clip: Jacky Doumbe – Mbola Mba Bisous
♫ 1999 Audio: Jacky Doumbe – Petit Jeune Homme
Since then not much has been heard of him. Until 2016 when he appeared all of a sudden in Montreal as SAPEUR.

2016 Video: Arrivée de Jacky Doumbe à Montréal pour La Nuit De La Sape


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