vrijdag 24 september 2010

Bill Loko - Nen lambo 1980


Searching the web to find a webshop where I could buy a cd released by Guy Lobe & Joelle Esso I found out that the particular album contains a cover of Bill Loko's hit "Nen lambo".
This gave me the idea for a post about the original. I think it is about six years ago that I bought my second hand vinyl copy of the 12 inch 45 rpm. single "Salsa Makossa / Nen lambo" in Paris. When I played it for the first time, I recognized the melody immediately from the late Charlotte Mbango's medley "Makossa non stop". Here is the original version:

♫   Nen lambo - 1980

Apart from the fact that he is born in 1953 and has released at least two more LP's in the early eighties I don't know anything about Bill Loko. I would therefore not be surprised if it appears that Bill Loko is a nick name and he is actually called Bryant and is the uncle of basketball player Kobe Bryant.

The following Afro disco boogie influenced track "Ndolo" comes from his 1981 LP "Dipita"


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  1. Ah, fantastic post!Reminds me of the good old days, when I was deejaying in the afro-caribbean night-clubs in southern France.Patrick Saint-Eloi has just sadly passed away a few days ago, he was THE creole crooner in french West Indies and a founding member of KASSAV'.Have you noticed the name of Claude Vamur among the musicians on Nen Lambo?Vamur is Kassav drummer.It is obvious for me that 80s Makossa had been a major influence on Kassav' zouk project.Thanks for all and keep the pace. Stéphane from french guiana. PS1 : Hey, if possible, please post one day "Lolita" from Geo W. Masso cause I lost my copy long ago! PS2 : One more thing, could you please tell me where you have picked the group photo on Champs-Elysées for your blog page?Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for your reaction!!

    The death of Patrick Saint-Eloi is a great loss for the Afro-Caribbean music scene.

    I agree with you about the influence of Makossa on the music of Kassav. In the book "African All Stars" by Chris Stapleton & Chris May, Jean-Claude Naimro tells us the following about this relation:

    (..) For us the bass is the motor of the song. When you have a bass line that is typically African, the whole song becomes African - and when we use such patterns, they come from Cameroon - page 252 (..)

    The group photo on Champs-Elysées is made from the sleeve of the 1978 LP "Black Styls in Paris".

    I will post Lolita in the future.

  3. Hi Dolf,

    Any way you could be able to send these Bill Loko ep + lp to me, or reupload them? Would be much appreciated. Thanks, Riekele.

    ps. Suberb blog, reminds me of my youth in Cameroun.

  4. Hello Mr B. I reposted the track today.