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Edgar Yonkeu


Singer, musician, composer, arranger, producer and concert organiser Edgar Yonkeu released two albums in 2006: 'Eklektik Act I' and 'Eklektik Act II'. These titles show that Edgar Yonkeur draws his inspiration from many different styles. His music cannot be brought under one denominator and varies from Zouk, Soukous, Ndombolo, Zouglou,Coupe Decale to indeed also Makossa. 

As the son of a school director and a teacher, it was not obvious that Edgar would become a musician. But blood is thicker than water and he eventually chose the music. In the early 90s, he made his debut with the album 'Ca demenage', sung largely in French, an album of up-tempo Makossa/Zouk songs, larded with spicy  guitar lines by Lokassa Ya Mbongo and Toto Guillaume.

♫ Video Clip: 1990 – Edgar Yonkeu – Vantardise 6:16

In the years that followed, Edgar Yonkeu developed into an all-round musician, arranger and producer with a preference for highly danceable productions on which solo artists from various Francophone Africa collaborated. Despite the ecletic character of his music, a strong Makossa influence can be recognised in many of his songs. Reason enough to give Edgar Yonkeu a place on this blog.

♫ Audio: 1993 – Edgar Yonkeu – Mets moi l’eau là (medley) 4:49

♫ Audio: 2006 – Edgar Yonkeu – Allo allo 5:39

♫ Video Clip: 2009 – Muss & Mad ft. Jacob Desvarieux & Edgar Yonkeu – Frotter frotter 6:16


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